Even More Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln

Storyboard, the blog from The Walt Disney Family Museum, is featuring their  “Quintessential Classics” of Disneyland as a helpful guide to those who are visiting the fantastically re-furbished Disney California Adventure and its well known partner park, Disneyland. These classics highlight what they feel are “The Must See Attractions that made Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom Internationally known as “The Happiest Place on Earth”!

Their first post in this series is, without a doubt, a hallmark of Disney entertainment; Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln. As you can read in the Disney Family Museum post, this was the centerpiece of Walt’s contributions to the 1964 World’s Fair which included The Carrousel of Progress, It’s a Small World, and Ford’s Magic Skyway in addition to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. A radio interview with Walt promoting the contributions can be heard following the cut.

(I plan on an in depth series of posts about the 1964 World’s Fair and how it shaped Walt’s vision for “The Florida Project” and EPCOT as it is, what I feel, to be one of the most important events in Disney history.)

So, why the title “Even More Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln”? Well, on May 9, 2012, the ABC television program Modern Family aired an episode in which they visit Disneyland. In the final act of the episode, the father figure, Jay, played by Ed O’Neil, boldly states “hey…no one goes home until we hit the Lincoln thing”. While he sells it with “…it’s a ROBOT PRESIDENT! What’s not to love?”, his personal reflection on the piece is a bit deeper.  You can view the episode below…..

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