Early Opening(s) Of The Golden Horseshoe

On July 13, 1955, the Golden Horseshoe Saloon un-officially opened to celebrate the 30th wedding anniversary of Walt and Lillian Disney. Three days later, the day before Disneyland officially opened, a private party was held there for corporate sponsors and was the first appearance of Wally Boag performing as Pecos Bill.

The saloon itself was designed by Harper Goff who took the blueprints from the saloon in the film Calamity Jane, on which Goff was a set designer, which premiered in 1953. However, that’s not the end of the story!

If we shuffle on over to The Disney History Institute, historian Todd James Pierce gives us a little something more as the set from “Calamity Jane” was used in the film “Rue Morgue”. What more could that be? You’ll have to read to find out!!

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  1. Ask and you shall receive! I asked about pictures from the Disney’s wedding anniversary on the Disney History Institute web page on Facebook and they do have them! Until they are able to locate them in their archives, here is a picture of the invitation!

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