Atommobiles approaching snowflake specimen!

Happy 45th birthday, Adventure Through Inner Space!

     On August 5, 1967, Adventure Through Innser Space opened as  part of the “New Tomorrowland” in Disneyland (replacing The Aluminum Hall Of Fame). Sponsored by Monsanto Company, who also sponsored The House Of The Future (which was removed during the renovation for the 1967 Tomorrowland), it was the first ride to utilize the Omnimover system invented by Disney Legend, Bob Gurr (you’re probably more familiar with their more common name, the Doom Buggy from The Haunted Mansion).

     Although the ride was educational in nature (a ride through a molecule thanks to being shrunk by Monsanto’s “Mighty Microscope”) it was reported that the Omni Movers lent themselves to a lot of romantic activity! Apparently, people thought the clam shell design of the Omni Mover was private enough to explore their OWN inner space!

     Like several other Disneyland rides of the 1960’s, Adventure Through Inner Space featured a theme song by Disney Legends Richard and Robert Sherman called “Miracles From Molecules“. The tune was later arranged in a modern version for area music in Tomorrowland.

    There’s more to be explored in the Adventure Through Inner Space! Make sure you check out this Disney History Institute post for some secrets, The Mighty Microscope for the full script and an iPad app (and more), Daveland for more history and photos, and Yesterland for even more photos. If you don’t want to take that long of a tour, then check out the following videos.

The Disney History Institute‘s fantastic footage and background information:

Steve Wesson’s virtual ride through (webmaster at The Mighty Microscope).

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