Your #801A Key To The Haunted Mansion…

Click for high res. image.

As you can see in the image above, August 11, 1969 was the press preview day at the Haunted Mansion, although it had been open to guests since the 9th.  What’s interesting about this piece is the skull trinket / key chain attached to the pass itself.

You might be wondering WHY would this piece of Haunted Mansion merchandise have an eye patch on it?  In fact, why would a skull need an eye patch at all? Well, one insight that made a lot of sense is found on the blog Stuff From The Park in the comments section regarding this very piece:

Madog said…The skull attached to the badge was produced By Randotti. These small skull charms and other items were sold in the Disney Land, and later Disney World, as part of the souvenirs for Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Jungle cruise and Old West areas of the Parks. Some of various items Randotti produced are plagues, figurines, tombstones, and skulls, lots and lots of skulls, in all Shapes and sizes.

Of course! That skull trinket COULD be merch at all of those places in the parks! And as Madog stated, Randotti Products (Randy & Dotti Smith) not only made this particular piece, but made Disneyland merchandise beginning in 1959.  In fact, Randy and Dotti Smith’s son stated as much in a thread on Doombuggies, as well as a  description of other related skull products:

….that was our (#801A) Pirate Keychain made for the Pirates of the Caribbean in 1967. They glow and came with the keychain and diamond in the eye…sorry but the diamond is fake, lol. Obviously Disney put some of them on a HM pass. I have never seen these before…pretty cool idea. Had they asked, we had skulls without the patch (#822) as well.

We sold more of the (#801B) which was the same item but with the neck cord for wearing around your neck.

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