September 4, 1918 – FOOOOM!

This is the wreckage of Chicago’s Federal Building after the explosion of a bomb on September 4, 1918. It was allegedly planted by the International Workers of the World (lWW) as a reprisal for the sentencing of the union’s leader, “Big Bill” Haywood, convicted of violating the Espionage Act of 1917 during the First Red Scare that year.

Walt Disney was a substitute mail carrier on that day and recounted the experience as he left the building through the West Adams Street lobby

“I was in the post office. I just got though sorting my mail, or finishing my route. I was walking out … going out a certain entrance … when it was bombed. I was right in the lobby when, FOOOOOM, this thing went off. Here comes the dust shooting out and everything. That was the way I went out every night. I missed that darn thing by about three minutes.”

It’s strange to think that Walt could have been killed in the blast!

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