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Tony Baxter

We’re probably going to hear a lot about Tony Baxter today, as he begins to scale back his day-to-day involvement with Disney. He started his career at Disneyland selling popcorn and scooping ice cream and worked his way up to … Continue reading

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The Passing Of Roy O. Disney

  Roy O. Disney passed away today in 1971, just 2 months after he dedicated Walt Disney World as “…a tribute to the philosophy and life of Walter Elias Disney…” There is an excellent piece by Jim Korkis on Mouse … Continue reading

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Our show still revolves around the same theme: and that’s progress. [Part 2]

I am FINALLY getting around to posting this!  On September 13, I wrote a post about changes to the original Disney Parks and how people were reacting to them.  The post concludes with an introduction to former Disney Cast Member, Don … Continue reading

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Happy 57th Anniversary Dumbo Flying Elephants!

On August 16, 1955, Dumbo Flying Elephants opened to the public in Fantasyland at Disneyland. Originally, the attraction was supposed to open with the park on July 16, 1955. However, there were…..issues. Let’s head on over to Yesterland for a … Continue reading

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1970’s Era Walt Disney World Transportation Ticket

Since this IS the Transportation and Ticket center, it only makes sense to feature this very cool general transportation ticket from the 1970’s. This image comes from an amazing Flickr photostream by a user named UFG8R, who, from what I … Continue reading

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